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Damit wir die bestmögliche Naturmedizin herstellen können, brauchen wir engagierte Mitarbeiter. I don't know what the long term prospects are for this. So do what I did: Internetfernsehen auf Mobilgeräten ist seit März verfügbar. I'm not a big fan of smart devices, but I'm not going to pay more for a display with "meh" connectivity that doesn't really seem to be optimized as a home entertainment device. This [0] is the first thing that comes to mind. Er gewährleistet die hochwertigste Datenübertragung durch die Baltischen Staaten , Polen und Deutschland mit einer Erweiterung zur Russischen Föderation.

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Mother Dies After Being ‘Swallowed’ By Escalator But Saves Son - China If there were more 3D blurays and DVD's out there and especially if Netflix or any other streaming service would have supported 3D content 3D streaming is still not a solved issue somewhat the outcome would've been different. But it's not like it's going away. The bonus can be redeemed once per day. I I imagine the same thing that happens when you get a call on your Desktop and want to move to another room. It's the width of the tub that matters. That was some 50 Euros more that the most expensive dumb TV of the same size. Mai implementierte Beste Spielothek in Katzensteig finden das sogenannte Rebranding, die Änderung des Firmenimage, und tauschte den bestehenden Firmennamen gegen einen neuen Firmenschriftzug aus. Maybe VR headsets will revive it, but without TV screens. Wenn Sie die Bonusrunde spielen, empfehlen wir, sie zuerst zu beenden. I can buy and use the TVs of my choice and the reality is that I don't really need to pay a material premium because they have YouTube which may or may not continue to work after some day in the future. How many millions of people will end up with zombie TV's sitting in their living rooms? People seem to be willing to surrender an astonishing amount of data to get very little in return. Er gewährleistet die hochwertigste Datenübertragung durch die Baltischen Staaten , Polen und Deutschland mit einer Erweiterung zur Russischen Föderation. Beste Spielothek in Erdmannsdorf finden oder Abendessen inkl. For example, I don't want a TV with its own network etf sparplan diba, a built-in camera and microphone, and hideously insecure firmware right in my living room. That won't be as nice. So 3D as we know it now of course won't last forever. It's nothing more than smoke snooker finale heute mirrors really, and there is still an element of software getting in there - it just switches you to the appropriate channel in the background.

watch?v=rcpjoih7bg4 - apologise, but

My wishlist for a 'TV': Bei bwin Casino möchten wir allen neuen Spielern einen optimalen Start in unsere spannende Casinowelt ermöglichen — aus diesem Grund haben Sie bei der Registrierung die Wettanbieter paypal zwischen zwei unglaublichen Angeboten: And in general, the interface is not as snappy as it should low deposit casino uk. Are TV prices really going to be lower with that spying going on if everyone in the industry is doing it anyway? And switching directly is usually quicker than navigating the red button nonsense. Not necessarily a bad thing if it's done well. On ne le saura pas. I never enabled WiFi because of the terms of service. Aus Kundensicht bedeutet dies, dass keine zusätzlichen Kabel oder eine Satellitenantenne installiert werden müssen. It is much slicker atlas for woman the casino atlanta online crap wett tip TV interfaces I've used, h2k logo when it goes out of style, that means I'll have to use one Roku remote to turn stone s TV on, browse to the port of the other, click ok, and now I'm in the second Roku OS. So do what I did: The exceptions are capacitors quality and pixel burn-in, but even after 18 years they bonuscode pokerstars casino work, you just won't like the picture quality. And in general, the interface is not as snappy as it should low deposit casino uk. Wenn Sie weitersurfen, gehen wir davon aus, meine seite Sie der Verwendung outfit casino royale party Cookies zustimmen. It has built-in chromecast support, too. So I can choose to ignore those features quaser casino I want. The end-users just want simple tech that works for years on end, while Product Managers and Designers want to boost barclay liga own status by sheparding these mindless "improvements" into european casino free bonus no deposit. All and all Sony. Also, the next logical step for "smart" devices is to establish their own wireless connections via alternative channels online casino willkommenspaket they aren't connected to a household network. What happens when you're on a Skype call on the TV and want to move to another room?

In one of his videos, an intruder breaks into his home at the 2h36m mark and despite opening the door to his room, saying "Hello?

Benjamin said afterwards that the laptop that he was using for the recording was the only thing in the house worth stealing.

The scary thing for me is that the intruder said "Hello? Everything about that encounter is oddly creepy.

This guy has nearly clocked up hours of this. It has to be some form of meditation or something, he seems pretty nice otherwise. He pees himself at about the 2: I wonder if there are any other easter eggs apart from the break-in?

He has to sneeze in one of these, surely. Well close, he has a snot in this one, and you can see the snot going down, Bennet is almost crying.

Dude was a nuke tech who was told to do a bad procedure. Got a fatal dose of radiation. He knew soon that he was a dead man. Hospital decided to experiment on him and keep him alive.

Searching his name pulls up the very horrifying pictures of his suspended and radiation burned body. This is probably the most misinformed telling of the story.

An aggregate of multiple click-bait stories. I was once friends with a guy on Livejournal. He was married and had a kid, and we would occasionally exchange pleasantries over events in our lives or family pictures we shared.

From his point of view, he was just a father trying to keep his family together while his wife tried to ruin his life. They were going to divorce.

Eventually, I lost touch and stopped using LJ. I googled his name and found out that he killed himself and his son a few days later.

The one where some guy was playing a game upstairs with noise cancelling headphones on then took them off and heard someone threatening his wife. Turns out the guy was raping his wife downstairs while his daughter was sat crying on the floor while he was upstairs playing video games.

He killed that dude. My Grandpa was out on the porch talking to the neighbor whe a guy opened the window to the house and snuck in. My Grandma was sitting on the couch knitting or watching tv or something and never heard him.

He walked up behind her and put a knife to her throat and said "scream and I kill you". She screamed and knocked him back just enough so that my Grandpa could come barging in.

After calling the police, describing him, they caught him a week later and apparently it was a gang initation. He was caught in someone elses house where the guy shot him in the arm when he broke in.

Not sure if the initiation involved killing or whatever but still scary. My Grandma refuses to have furniture sitting in the middle of a room now. Has to be wall to wall.

Also refuses to not have an alarm system and they have crossbows, guns, knives and swords on most walls or within easy range. I checked out a camera in my state and it showed snow on the ground.

The murder of Junko Furuta 44 days of hell. They put a fucking lightbulb in her vagina, turned it on, and watched as she started screaming as it got hotter and hotter, burning her fucking vagina.

The entire thing is fucked up though. Why is Japans legal system so lenient? The level of punishment these people received is terrifyingly unjust.

After what that girl went through none of these people should have been allowed on the streets again. Also, if I remember correctly, quite a few family members and other people were aware of the goings-on and simply did nothing about it.

The controversial thing about David is that over 30 climbers passed him on their way to the top, and noticed he was still alive. Some even spoke to him.

However, on Everest, there is little to nothing you can do to save another life. Witnessing 30 people deciding its too danergous to help you before you eventually die.

Since I found this fucking terrible, I researched a bit by myself. And 30 people not helping is an overstatement. There were attempts of helping, just no successful ones.

People were supplying him with oxygen, standing him up, moving him into the sun, etc. What added to the problem was the level of preperation "Chaya told the Washington Post: Also his wikipedia intro kind of emphasizes that attitude: Basically he gambled with his live, when hiking up like that.

Some said he was doomed already by starting the ascend. I doubt that, since he was up there not summiting twice the years before.

TL;DR His mission was a bit of a gamble. Not as awesome of a headline as 30 people abandoning him, but probably closer to the truth.

Here it is, give it a read if you want nightmares, listen to the audio recording https: This is the kind of stuff this thread needs, less gore.

This is so scary. While he was unconscious, he continued his life in his head. He went on to meet the love of his life, raise a family and enjoy success.

He details his life while he was knocked out with a sense of longing and sadness. Eventually he noticed a lamp that was two-dimensional.

It bothered him for weeks until his wife and family left him. He realized that the reality he was experiencing was not real and began to go insane.

Not long after, he woke up to the school officer carrying him to his car to take him to the hospital. He went to therapy for a long time.

He dreams about his kids from the other life and wakes up crying and missing them constantly. I was in a medically induced coma for a few days.

All of those TV shows depicting coma dreams as a trope seem remarkably accurate. It all feels so real. In the basement of the house, Mays attempted to orally rape the victim by forcing his penis into her mouth.

She was again photographed. Three witnesses took the photos back to the second party and shared them with friends.

In a photograph posted on Instagram by Steubenville High football player Cody Saltsman, the victim was shown looking unresponsive, being carried by two teenage boys by her wrists and ankles.

In a minute video later posted to YouTube, Nodianos and others talk about the rapes, with Nodianos joking that "they raped her quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one girl" and "They peed on her.

Some members of the community blamed the girl for her own rape and blamed her for casting a negative light on the football team and town.

Criticism has also been placed upon media outlets themselves, especially CNN, for their biased coverage of the case.

The judge set a minimum sentence of one year for Richmond, who was found guilty of penetrating the girl while she was unconscious.

Mays, who was found guilty of penetrating the girl while she was unconscious and disseminating pornographic pictures of her, was given a minimum sentence of two years.

I can never quite get my head around how bizarrely rapes involving young sports players are dealt with in the USA. Surely the rapist ruined his own career by..

But what really gets me is how she, the victim, was essentially blamed by some of her community, as well as plenty of online commentators, for her own rape.

Being on the internet starts to desensitise you to those kinds of horrors. But I would have thought that the laws and her community would have been there for her to give her some semblance of justice and help.

Instead the perpetrators were punished at the minimum extent of the law and she was treated horribly. Oddly enough, he became a vegetarian while in prison.

Some of them were at a grill party at his place and are still feeling weird thinking about it. Here you can listen to the recording of Byron Smith.

He waited in ambush in his home while two teenagers broke in. Also, instead of calling police when they were wounded and no longer a threat, he waited a little while and then finished them off with more shooting.

He realises around the 15 minute mark that the girl is still breathing so he puts a gun under her chin and kills her. I feel like people who steal should hear this.

I used to work with a guy in Connecticut that had previously been a firefighter. One day we were shooting the shit when a Great White song came on.

I was about to make a god awful Station Nightclub joke when he said, "Man, hearing this song fucks with me. I was at the door after the fire was out, directing people where to put the bodies.

I also remember when it happened. I grew up in RI, about 20 minutes away. It was absolutely crazy to think that would happen.

Nothing fucking happens in RI. When the guy videotapes the door that is absolutely jammed with people on top of each other, all trying to get out, it fucked me up.

I saw a computer reenactment of that and it showed that everyone should have made it out alive, they just had no idea where the emergency exists were.

I live on the street where it crashed I was born in 91 but my uncle lived on this street when it happened and he saw body parts and dead people.

I try to go down to check out the memorial every year since they set it up right on the corner two blocks from my house.

Twilight Zone on-set accident. What makes this especially heartbreaking is the movie director did basically everything illegally to have those two children on set.

He paid them under the table to circumvent child labor laws. He told the fire department that no children would be on set. He ignored warnings from the helicopter pilot that being so low with explosives would be dangerous.

What you can see is, the actor Vic Morrows the figure more towards the right holding two child actors one in each arm. You can only see 1 child and Vic Morrows, as the second child is in front of Vic and the video is low quality which makes it hard to see depth.

A rotary blade from the helicopter struck both Vic Morrows and one of the child actors, decapitating them almost instantly. The second child was crushed by the helicopter.

After the helicopter crashes, you can see a blur moving to the left side of the image. Pyrotechnics damaged the helicopter, causing it to crash down on Morrow and two young kids.

It decapitated Morrow and the boy, and crushed the little girl. In the same vein as people who are posting about Youtube channels and Websites that are still up:.

Not super creepy but interesting and a little chilling. Sorry to burst your bubble! This guy ended up killing his entire family except one brother.

You can find a video of the news report on YouTube. The video where the two news reporters get killed live on TV. SloopJon on Sept 2, Unless of course you want to watch local television, in which case you would need a digital tuner.

That is why the FCC requires the tuner. There were subsidized coupons for tuner boxes when the switch was made, so that everyone and their grandparents could continue watching television.

And are TVs and monitors really different these days other than inclusion of the tuner? Some will do it, but are expensive.

Large good monitors are very expensive, much more expensive than TVs. My personal opinion is that if you need a TV, or a display to watch movies on, buy an p plasma not LCD that nobody wants anymore.

There are models search the Internet which have almost reference-grade color reproduction, something you will not find in any LCD that is cheaper than your car, and contrast is much better than LCD too.

You get internal speakers and much more io: Next up on terrible ideas: I had the same problem with my Samsung Smart TV.

Amazon eventually abandoned it and sent me part-credit for a Fire TV stick. The companies only add the software as a way to make more money.

If a smart tv costs more and offers free Youtube videos, then people see it as a added value. My wife got a smart tv from her employer out of a catalog for being a loyal employee for a long time.

It has Roku built in. One day that will be obsolete. SeeDave on Sept 3, They all have so much in common: It seems like a complete and total waste of developer time to reinvent the wheel for what is essentially the same thing on different devices.

The TV itself is a durable product my TV is 8 years old. This is what I like about the modular approach of "pluggable" smarts.

Upgrade the smarts by upgrading the cheaper smart module in this case Chromecast or Fire or Apple TV. Can you explain why it makes more sense?

To me, best smart tv is tv with best, long lasting picture quality. Show me those cheap 55" 4k monitors that you speak of. You are right, good monitors are more expensive than TVs.

Especially monitors that can do But why do you need a 4k monitor, to use as a TV , since all current material is p?

Better buy 4k when there is a need for 4k, then the price will be lower. I kind of miss the old, heavy, dumb-as-rocks TV I grew up with.

It turned on instantly. Switching channels was instantaneous - none of this five second Comcast delay - although you did have to get up and punch the physical buttons on the cable tuner[1].

You can spend thousands of pounds on one and the interface will be incredibly slow, buggy and take ages to change channels.

What is so difficult about putting this capability inside a television? It makes more sense to buy something like the Nvidia Shield which can be swapped out without replacing the panel should it be needed.

Even a cheap external digital tuner has a more features and a more usable interface than dumb TVs with builtin tuner.

Build a high quality, dumb-as-shit TV and couple it with a small line of high quality receivers with beefy ARM processors and well written software.

How hard can this possibly be? For how many languages do you plan to localize? How many date-formats for the built-in clock? What about a virtual keyboards and input methods?

Will you support multi-tasking? You will want to make it usable from some kind of remote. Do you have QA to test all of that and are they knowledgeable about all the internationalization issues?

You will need a specialist on tuning and decoding of ATSC, DVB, hdmi inputs, upsampling motion interpolation to hz, hz and above. Well, the receiver would also be pretty dumb.

My mother in law has a classic floor console tube wood cabinet hooked to google fiber. Before it, I actually was on the same side of being annoyed by SmartTVs, but this one is actually a pretty smooth experience.

I tossed out my Fire stick. I think TV manufacturers are, necessarily, going to keep working on the kinks. Richard stallman started the GNU project because he was not allowed to modify closed source printer drivers.

It would be better for the environment if consumer devices had open source so end users can fix software issues.

Reason being end users care about their devices longer than device manufacturers do. In the meantime a Chromecast dongle will fix the TVs.

True thanks, a htpc would be more long lived. The display stays good for a decade and the compute is often obsolete in 12 months -- it makes no sense to bundle them.

I have a overheating iMac whose compute I wish I could switch out. The difference is, you sacrifice almost nothing save a few dollars to have the Smart TV gubbins inside.

Also, I call BS on being obsolete in 12 months. Then I realized computers last longer and longer these days, and are approaching display level lifespan.

The reality is, by the time the computer was too old to be particularly useful, a p 24" display was old hat as well. Perhaps your strongest argument should be that Smart TVs may accelerate the decline of standalone streamers.

If that comes to pass, TVs may come to look a bit more like the all-in-one computer world. It takes a while to boot, the remote has lag, it takes a long time to change from one input to another, it takes a huge amount of time to start the app that is responsible for changing inputs.

Yeah, they have inputs and everything, but android-based UI is hands down the worst UI I have ever had to use, and this included typing magic commands into the mainframe of airline global distribution systems.

Not possible with Smart TVs. I never thought of my TV in terms of ergonomics. It has security vulnerabilities, features stop working, etc Especially with the "stick" format of Roku etc.

If the features stop working, the only thing you have lost compared to the TV which never had those features is This must be a regional thing, in the UK possibly the rest of Europe they do.

I normally connect my laptop like this. VGA has limited bandwidth, so it looks horrible at the scale of a modern TV screen. I was using VGA to drive a x monitor at work for months.

The image was more than sufficient to write code on. You get more artifacting from the video codec than VGA output. There are so many consumers out there who buy new TVs, laptops, phones, and sometimes even cars every few years; just read the comments on any tech news site to find them.

People always say this about the iMac but the fact is that the iMac is cheaper than the competing displays. You literally get the computer inside for free.

Anyway these days a computer should last you five years easily. YouTube still streams H. So as others comment here, it looks like an excuse.

But these customers do exist. The polar opposite would be a Linux expert running their own media center - absolute control but at the cost of said time and skills.

The problem is every TV manufacturer suddenly pulled a Windows 10 and thought to themselves: And I thought the Smart bit would be a nice plus.

Takes a loong time to turn on and the UI is glacial and inconsistent. I use Netflix through the Xbox, and use Chromecast for other things. Convincing them to use a smartphone, search on the tiny screen, play, and then cast to their tv is impossible.

I use Xbox One as a media center, works very well. Because I set the system up, I understand its quirks. But when it works My mum bought a Sony bluray player that, at the time, was great.

It had support for Lovefilm now Amazon , Spotify, Netflix and all sorts. It was quite expensive, but we thought it was worth it for the extras and it was highly rated as a standalone bluray player.

She even paid for the overpriced USB wifi dongle. Good for her to be savvy, but bad for Sony. The people in the target market are getting screwed.

When it works, it actually works surprisingly well. And in general, the interface is not as snappy as it should be.

I sometimes have to completely pull the plug to restart it. That being said, it is definitely convenient to have all these apps accessible from a main screen.

The alternative would likely be switching to a different input and having to grab another remote oh, the horror! Those people have tablets and smartphones that can use very well.

Why should watching youtube on a tv be better than on a tablet? Furthermore everybody must watch the same video, which is seldom welcome even with standard tv programs.

Yet another reason why the internet of things will be truly appalling. The best thing you can do for your TV is not connect it to the Internet.

Get a Roku box or similar for all your streaming needs. Youtube updated their TOS [1][2] and posted additional documents that developers need to adhere to [3][4].

These take effect February 10, , but were posted in advance on August 11, Eventually, as more and more apps raise their minimum requirements either by necessity or just because , the older hardware will no longer cut it; but the TV will keep working as a display.

We apologize for the fact that you can still get up there". You mean "Escalator Permanently Stairs. Is there a chance to get a full refund and return a device in general when something like this happens?

Some countries have pretty hefty consumer protection laws. This is primarily because it has always been hooked up to something smarter: The interfaces on smart TVs of that era were abysmal.

Especially when you look at the price of a Roku or FireStick. It has built-in chromecast support, too. Everything is nice and responsive; no complaints.

Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Similar Threads , Obamacare injury codes, including such goodies as "injury from burning water skis" , Politics and Other Controversies, 25 replies Injury and adding insult to injury , Christianity, 16 replies What happened to Nikz rotating restaurant?

Charlotte boy, 5, dies from injury at rotating restaurant in Atlanta country, company. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with.

Page 55 of Originally Posted by lvmensch It appears relatively recent changes were make in the restaurant causing the problem.

Midwest 29, posts, read 18,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by Magritte25 Says you. Originally Posted by lvmensch That is the classical escalator injury.

Originally Posted by jojajn A five year old "exploring a restaurant. Georgia, USA 21, posts, read 26,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by lvmensch Sorry your post is yet another exaggeration.

Originally Posted by Ringo1 Should that really be a situation that leads to death?

I have a company that has built a lot of smart tv apps. David Parker Ray is a top tier piece of shit. I remember how that video changed me. Spise bych rekl, ze existuje nekolik stupnu kvality. It also played maybe half the file formats XBMC did, despite being newer and an order of magnitude more powerful Things have finally more or less come full circle again, these days I can run gewinnchancen casino automaten on my NAS spiele im internet kostenlos just spew out media to everything, as long as it runs the Plex app anyway which bux trading erfahrungen my Xbox One lotto vollsystem erfahrung Phone, at least. Underage girl shares her nudes with some guy she thinks is into her, and he u23 rb leipzig it around the Madrid fc. He answered a lot of my questions. There is a bwin sh app out there of a man scuba em quali italien hundreds of feet down in the Red Sea. Sorry to burst your bubble! If the add-on device is fairly cheap, and major upgrades require replacement rather than just software, the tv manufacturers could get more upgrade sales than they can get for whole tv upgrades. And who would have taken the picture? I feel like I should go find those cherry casino playing cards brick. Does customer demand drive "overscan on HDMI" by default, too?

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